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Edit entries?

Hi, I am an ijournal newbie and would be very happy if somebody could help me!

Is there a feature on ijournal that allows you to edit old entries? If yes, where do I have to look for it? I didn't find any item on the toolbar that related to editing entries.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

changed password

I have changed my journal password, but iJournal somehow remembers old one. So each time I use iJournal I have to type my new password. Checking box "remember password" does not overwrite cached old password. I tried hard to find where the password is stored with no luck. Any hints how can I make iJournal to forge old password?

running 10.2.8

I have a g4 imac which is supposed to be compatible with ijournal. I don't understand why I can't download. When I install the program into my computer, it does not open. Instead, I get an error message explaining that the program unexpectedly shut down. I suspect that it may have something to do with the requirement of Tiger compatibility and/or universal binary, but I have no way of knowing. How can I conclude which of the two is causing the problem?
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log-in problems? spell check?

Hi, there!
I just downloaded iJournal and I like it a lot so far. (That thing where you can format how you want your music to be displayed is fabulous, by the way. I'm really picky about stuff like that.) There is, however, on problem: it won't save my password? It seems to have something saved, but not my password. I have it set to autologin, but that doesn't work because my password won't save properly. Is there something else I need to do for this to work?
Second, is there a spell check feature I just haven't figured out how to turn on? (I'm a really unreliable typist with a bad keyboard, not to mention just bad at spelling, so that'd be handy if you have it!)
… and third, are there keyboard shortcuts for, like, italic and bold and stuff like that? (Yes, I'm a lazy.)
Thanks! I'm sorry if you've gotten these questions before; I looked around, but didn't find anything.
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Hanging due to constant checks

My iJournal seems to check my friends' page for new posts all the time. I can't find a setting or preference for how often it checks (Quiet Mode doesn't seem to do anything), and as a result, the program always seems to eat up memory and prevent me from actually typing an entry.

Is there any way to get it to stop constantly check for updates so I can actually, you know, use the app?

Also, is iJournal still being developed at all, or is it presently at a standstill?
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newb questions for iJournal

Hello! I just installed iJournal and have been fiddling around with it. I really liked having a client when I used a PC, and it looks pretty good so far.

A few questions:

- Is there a way to change my setting so that when I click on the iJournal's "view friends" link I go to a specific filter of friends?

- Is there a way to turn of notices of new friends list updates, but keep notices if new comments on my posts (if that is even a feature)?

Basically I'm trying to avoid somebody on my friends list, but real life contact with this person makes it impossible to defriend them, and the rest of my LJ life is too important to me to get rid of LJ. :-(


Posting to DreamWidth Filter Groups

I'm trying to use iJournal to post to my DW account and have it automagically crosspost to LJ, but I'm noticing that although I can log in to my DW account via iJournal, I can't actually use the filter groups I've created. The "Edit Friends" dialogue shows nothing whatsoever under either Friends or Groups.

I know DW's made some serious changes to the "friends" concept LJ runs under; is it planned for iJournal to be able to support these?

best multi-instant messenger / social networking client??

Okay, so I have an intel Mac (Macbook)... and I use Crossover, so I can run Wind0ze apps such as Digsby. I am trying to find something to use for Twitter, Facebook, Blogger (definitely those).

I have Adium for IMing for myspace, facebook, yahoo, msn, aim, etc

and Digsby (and with Digsby, Facebook - not the IM part, but the social networking part doesn't work)...

I need something for the following (and the asterisk are definite)...and interaction w/ social networks is nice too:


Social Networks I use:
project playlist (playlist.com)


IM networks:
**Google Talk


Clients I've used recently: Adium and Digsby
and with Digsby I ran via CrossOver... (CrossOver is used to run wind0ze apps w/o wind0ze on an intel mac, in my case my Macbook)
I use HelloTxt.com (the website from my web browser)...
<from my googling I saw that HelloTxt is in the process of working on an app). I've googled looking for apps, and have found: -Digsby (where Facebook the interactive social networking part of it doesn't work for some reason)... -I found a few apps that use Adobe-Air -I've found 8Hands -I saw the Flock Browser p.s. - I've used iJournal in the past for LJ...

Screening? Security?

Hi there! I've been using iJournal for an insanely long time and this is the first time I've had a question, and it might be slightly ignorant, but I'm honestly confused:

What is the difference between "screening" and "security"?

If I set the "screen" to "non-friends", does that make it a Friend's Only post, or does setting the "security" to "friends" do that? Or both?

Thanks for the help, sorry if this is stoopid. :D