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I have been using iJournal for some time now, and have tried to figure this out on my own..AND CAN'T! Hopefully someone can help me out!! This is the ONLY problem I have come across so far.

Why is it when I use any type of fonts or colors or different sizes for my posts, it doesn't turn up once it posted? For instance, I wanted to post a Happy Birthday message to a friend of mine. I used "teal" as the color, the font was at 36 and I used "Jokerman LET". It looked really cute as I used different keys to make different characters. Anyway....when I submitted it, it was just plain old bold text. In the regular size font as well. Dull and Boring. What gives?! I have tried this on many occasions, but today was my last resort!! And all the stuff I'm using (fonts, colors, etc) are all from my why doesn't it show up that way once it's submitted? What am I missing in my preferences or settings?!?!?!?!!?


Oh yeah, just in case someone asks, I'm using OS X Version 10.3.6 (PowerPC G4) and my iJournal is the current version.

Thanks in advance!

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