Jeff (moonlessnights) wrote in ijournal,

A DEVEL_1 Build, Probably the Last

After being urged by some of the iJournal users to post what I had in the DEVEL_1 branch, I decided to go and do a quick clean-up of some missing things that had been bothering me and then post my last build with updated source. The source should have shown up in CVS (the DEVEL_1 branch) this evening, as well.

For those interested, here it is:
iJournal DEVEL_1 (Last Release) (688 kB)

It is unlikely that I will put more work into this client unless there are some specific issues raised by the users. I will still be in the community if anyone needs to track me down.

As for changes from the last DEVEL_1, this version fixes some string encoding issues when editing posts which contained non-ASCII characters or issues with asking iTunes for song names that had non-ASCII characters. I also fixed the issue of not honouring and occasionally breaking friend colour settings. The colours are also displayed with the friend group editor.

Of course, the usual disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL IJOURNAL RELEASE and exists for the interest of users who want to see one idea of how iJournal could progress.


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