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user interface feature requests

(1) Can the "Edit>Make Cut" command be enhanced to support the optional "text" argument by default. I always forget what it is and have to go scurrying for the reference guide to check what the argument is, e.g. that it is "text" and not something else... anyhow a dialog box there would be neato especially since the link, user, and image, features are now broken out into separate easy to use dialog boxes.

(2) Set Command-N or Command-O to run the "File>Open Window" command for the journal.

(3) Also perhaps some dialog boxes to help with entering polls...

Ok, I've really got to learn Objective-C, I did start playing with AppleScript studio and I know C... meanwhile, I can just plead for some features to keep our client the best out there. The single window is the cleanest interface I've seen for LJ.

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