Laeko Randalis (spiderclaw) wrote in ijournal,
Laeko Randalis

Another Minor Detail

One little trick I can do at Livejournal itself is: first pick the mood so that the emoticon shows, then type in another mood. As long as whatever I typed is NOT in the mood list, the emoticon I first picked shows up in my entry (along with the mood I typed). If it's at all possible, it'd be great if iJournal could download the set of emoticons that I've chosen on the site, and then allow me to do the same icon-naming trick.

Along the same lines, it'd also be sweet to be able to choose which userpic you want for the specific entry (this'd be a lot easier than the mood trick, as iJournal would only need to list the userpics you have; as long as the user is smart enough with their keywords, iJournal wouldn't have to worry about showing the pics, just listing their names).

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