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Archived Entries Will Not Load


I've been using iJournal for over a year now, and recently switched to the beta version, just to see what had changed and such. I've recently run into a problem, but I can't tell if this was LiveJournal itself going wonky, or something iJournal did.

I made a post yesterday about the Challenger disaster, which went up fine. I did use the "Edit last entry" a couple times, before I was satisfied with it and left it alone. All was well. Today, I made a short little post, however it did not show up initially. So, I went to "Edit last entry" to fix it. It showed up, but it was not at the top of my friends list, it was hiding below entries that were made earlier. This I believe was something LiveJournal messed up on. The problem is, the post from yesterday was deleted. I do not know if iJournal did this, or if LiveJournal messed up.

Now, all that said, the issues could be a problem on the LJ end of things. Here's where iJournal was causing me problems. I tried to open the archive of yesterday's post, so I could simply repost it. Whenever I attempt to open an archived entry, it will not work. A number will appear at the bottom part of the screen, but nothing else appears. I had to open the archive with TextWrangler to get the data out of it and reposted it via the LJ interface. Is there something I missed when accessing archived entries? (I used "Open File..." from the File menu.) I am using iJournal 1.70 beta, on OS X 10.4.3.

...and I've been upable to post this for the past 10 minutes because of "Server problem. Try again shortly." So I am using the web interface.

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