Laura (laura921) wrote in ijournal,

Update List of Tags from Server?

Hopefully I'm not bringing up old news, but I would just like to share my situation:

I have just recently started going back and tagging a lot of my older entries, doing so via the website rather than using the client. Now, I am having a problem with getting iJournal to recognize the tags I applied to those old entries so that I can apply them to my new entries.

I assumed the list of tags that iJournal shows would be updated from the server when I logged in, the same way userpics and newly-joined communities are, but it has not been. The program (v 1.77) is only showing the tags that I have specifically added to posts using the client.

Am I doing something wrong? If not, is this feature something that can be added to a later version? I really enjoy using iJournal, and I'd love to see its development continue.


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