Tournevis (tournevis) wrote in ijournal,

Just downloaded iJournal

I love the fact that you can post to multiple journals. I love the UI, it's neet. I do have two irks though.

1) Why, oh, why does the window clear when switching accounts? Worse, why, oh, why does it clear when I've written something offline and I log in later? There should be a preference somewhere where you can at least write offline (xJournal allowed that). Please please please?

2) Why, oh, why can I not open multiple post windows? (xJournal allowed that). That would rock so loud!

Either feature would make my day.

ETA: The devel_1 version seems to have the latter ability, but InsaneJournal seems to be having an episode at the moment so I can't check if one can log onto multiple journals at the same time. I sure hope it's possible.

ETA: devel_1 built does everything I want it to be. Great!
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