phill_me_more (phill_me_more) wrote in ijournal,

best multi-instant messenger / social networking client??

Okay, so I have an intel Mac (Macbook)... and I use Crossover, so I can run Wind0ze apps such as Digsby. I am trying to find something to use for Twitter, Facebook, Blogger (definitely those).

I have Adium for IMing for myspace, facebook, yahoo, msn, aim, etc

and Digsby (and with Digsby, Facebook - not the IM part, but the social networking part doesn't work)...

I need something for the following (and the asterisk are definite)...and interaction w/ social networks is nice too:


Social Networks I use:
project playlist (


IM networks:
**Google Talk


Clients I've used recently: Adium and Digsby
and with Digsby I ran via CrossOver... (CrossOver is used to run wind0ze apps w/o wind0ze on an intel mac, in my case my Macbook)
I use (the website from my web browser)...
<from my googling I saw that HelloTxt is in the process of working on an app). I've googled looking for apps, and have found: -Digsby (where Facebook the interactive social networking part of it doesn't work for some reason)... -I found a few apps that use Adobe-Air -I've found 8Hands -I saw the Flock Browser p.s. - I've used iJournal in the past for LJ...

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