Cryo (cryo) wrote in ijournal,


  • converting the editView to handle HTML visually
  • save entries to a directory
  • detect network status and queue saved entries
  • friends updated to show friendof and mark it appropriately
  • allow checkfriends to use specific group(s) so that you only get notified when you really want to be notified (handy for people with large number of friends, and grouped appropriately).
  • Yes, group creation/deletion (It's mainly a UI fight).
  • make the pref work for iTunes2 detection... the initial check is pretty harsh (appears to be iTunes, not ljosx that causes the delay).

    Longer term:
  • drag and drop images that are uploaded and linked
  • drag and drop URLs
  • need a UI for dating an entry
  • evil hack to grab the actual userpics from LJ and store them and use a scaled version instead of named.
  • History... history... history, and functions to download all/some/one of your entries.
  • world domination.
  • require that a Dominos be built close enough to deliver, and not 2 miles outside of their delivery area.
  • Kill the cute frog before it causes more mental anguish... but it attracts women... perplexing.
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