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1.46 release 3

So after fixing the Friends view menu option (which broke when I fixed the LJ icon notification, and enough people were upset by the paid mode thumb, that I removed that, put the button back in About, and Kevin fixed the Dock Icon cache issue... that I wanted to go ahead and get this one out. Again, I didn't rev it, because the fixes were pretty minor and only affected a limited few. So go ahead and grab it again if you were affected by the things I mentioned above. Sorry about that. :)


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Jan. 3rd, 2002 07:51 am (UTC)
version numbering / pre-release candidates?
Can I suggest that we renumber the versions, e.g. 1.46.1, 1.46.2, 1.46.3, so that troubleshooting is easier, e.g. someone posts a problem, you can look at their userinfo to see what is happening. Also, right now, I don't know what version I have since I pulled it late last night. Do I have 1.46.2 or 1.46.3?

Also, introducing new features between the last version and the release is a no no, like the paid button. Just good software development hygeine.
Jan. 3rd, 2002 10:56 am (UTC)
Re: version numbering / pre-release candidates?
You have 1.46 rev 2. I can't do the version like you want because it would screw up the version checking, which only does VERSION.REVISION testing.

As for the paid button, it was there. It was in the About box before, and is again. I didn't add any addition features other than the two menu items, which didn't cause any major changes in the source base. All of the other changes have been only bug fixes.

Now, let's examine how we got to this point...

I wanted to get a release out on the 1st that had incorporated all of the additional -features- that have been added since 1.44. In that time there have been dramatic changes to the source base, as well as multiple programmers added to the project who have contributed some really great code (it's much appreciated). While it being only a minor rev numerically, it had quite a bit of stuff changed, which unfortunately, I didn't let cook long enough for the CVS users to test to get the amazingly few buglets out of. The buglets that did fall out were, so far, Friends View menu item stopped working, and annoying false positive immediately after clearing the checkFriends notification. Now, from the point of 1.46 being released, I started working on the changes for 1.47 (and beyond), but had to backtrack to get those fixes in, and the paid mode thing moving was one of those changes. My bad, but I wanted to get these fixes out without -everyone- having to download again. So, no revision change. Those people who didn't need the changes, didn't have to download again, and the version checking wouldn't bug them. So that's the choice I made. Had these been bad bugs, I would have rolled the rev, and we wouldn't be having this confusion. We've already had one round of version number changes (see the readme), and I don't believe we need to change from our current method.

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