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Hitting Tab from Subject box brings you to the text-entry box, but Shift-Tab does not bring you back to the Subject box (but should). While in the Text Entry box, you cannot tab to the Sec: Pic: Journal: Tune: or Mood: objects/boxes - perhaps this should be an optional hot-key, defaulted to option-tab to tab through the items, and when those items are pull-down lists, the arrow keys should activate and then scroll through the list.

A new GUI design (idea) would be moving the pull-downs from the bottom of the GUI to the left of the text entry box, with the selected picture on top of the pull-downs, as an actual picture which is clickable to change/browse other picture options.

I still prefer the clickable "drawer" which all the options hid inside of, this should be brought back and saved as a 'last used' status preference. ie- if the app was quit with the drawer open, it will launch with it open, if it was quit with it closed, it should launch with it open.

The 'future' list includes plans to handle html visually (im assuming rather than raw code), im also assuming this would introduce color/font/size/etc buttons, which would introduce a larger GUI, and for those who don't or shouldn't be exposed to the ability to use html, this perpetuates the logical need for the drawer option to be re-introduced.


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Jan. 3rd, 2002 08:58 pm (UTC)
HTML Support
I'm kind of surprised that the Cocoa doesn't offer a mini-HTML editor already. On the other hand, we would need these features:

  • Subset of standard HTML tags.
  • Support for LJ-specific tags. In particular, a slick lj-cut would show the cut text as a collapsible section of text underneath a header. Lotus Notes 4 has a similar way of presenting text that can kept out of the way unless the user wants to see it. Also, if you choose to use WYSIWYG mode, you must implement support for the LJ tags too.

As for formatting, I would limit the number of options and controls on purpose, to keep posts readable. And, strictly speaking, the formatting properties would belong in an inspector/property box -- I assume these are reasonably easy to do in Cocoa as they were in NeXTStep.
Jan. 4th, 2002 01:41 am (UTC)
OMG! I totally forgot about that drawer. I hadn't used it in the longest time. Sometimes I don't even touch all of those settings, and the drawer was such a cool widget too. Much more fun. I miss it. I'm reverting. :P

If nothing else this could be a preference; lots of neat apps like Adium have several different interfaces controlled by a preference item.

Pleeease bring back the drawer ;)
Jan. 4th, 2002 04:45 am (UTC)
I think the hardest part of this transition is for people who are stuck on Classic UI 'features' that have only been propagated by Carbon. The sooner that people lose the "Mac Classic" featurism, and concentrate on Aqua and improve the interface of that, the better life will be. I'm biased, because I don't come from the Mac Classic world, I come from the NeXT/OpenStep world, with initial poisoning from the Amiga world. That makes me somewhat of a minimalist, with a strict belief that GUIs should be simple, uncluttered, and transparent to the user.

I'm certainly not discounting your suggestions. We need to all look at the Aqua GUI guidelines and come up with something that works (better than what I have already), and take into account things like IB only provides nextKey, not prevKey things for tabbing, and once a textView has the focus, tab is... tab in the textView.

The eventual plan is for the options to be in an nsToolBar, but I haven't quite worked it out in my head yet how it will look. Since you can hide the toolbar, that should provide the equiv of the drawer hack.

I also despise code bloat... This was originally written as a utility for LJ, not a word processor, instant messenger, floor wax, and hand lotion.

My goals are to match all of the features available in the win32/GTK clients, which are the most complete versions out there, though Phoenix is coming along well... though it's carbon, and should be avoided under X (imho ;)).

Anyway, there's a place on the sourceforge ljosx project that allows for making bug reports and feature requests.. that's probably a more formal way for things to not be forgotten (I have a horrible memory).

I think we can come up with a great client that exceeds what's available, but first we have to get it up to the existing level, and not focus too far into the future.

My $0.02
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