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Hitting Tab from Subject box brings you to the text-entry box, but Shift-Tab does not bring you back to the Subject box (but should). While in the Text Entry box, you cannot tab to the Sec: Pic: Journal: Tune: or Mood: objects/boxes - perhaps this should be an optional hot-key, defaulted to option-tab to tab through the items, and when those items are pull-down lists, the arrow keys should activate and then scroll through the list.

A new GUI design (idea) would be moving the pull-downs from the bottom of the GUI to the left of the text entry box, with the selected picture on top of the pull-downs, as an actual picture which is clickable to change/browse other picture options.

I still prefer the clickable "drawer" which all the options hid inside of, this should be brought back and saved as a 'last used' status preference. ie- if the app was quit with the drawer open, it will launch with it open, if it was quit with it closed, it should launch with it open.

The 'future' list includes plans to handle html visually (im assuming rather than raw code), im also assuming this would introduce color/font/size/etc buttons, which would introduce a larger GUI, and for those who don't or shouldn't be exposed to the ability to use html, this perpetuates the logical need for the drawer option to be re-introduced.

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