June 3rd, 2001

  • cryo

Please Update.

Please go fetch the latest client from here .

This has the fix for working with the new hardware loadbalancer that 's a little more strict about how headers are handled.

Here's an excerpt from the ReadMe.rtf:

1.42 - fixed moodIDs not being correctly read in during an edit
entry (darkmoon). Alphabetized the moods (forgot).
Using sheets for login.. more to come. I still think
Finder has a bug I'm tickling, but hopefully this icon
won't have issues (all .icns files must have -all- icon
sizes defined or making aliases will give you a default
blank document). Fixed HTML protocol problem with
LiveJournal's new hardware loadbalancer (\n -> \r\n)
for strict HTML comformance. *this fixes the not
able to login problem*