January 1st, 2002

  • koliver

hello everyone

First off, happy New Years.

Ok, well I'm new to Cocoa and Objective-C but I'm hoping to learn some by helping out with the client. I'm not 100% sure if this is the place to post changes, but I didn't (and wasn't sure) if I could (or should) just sign up on SourceForge for the project.

Anyhow, I've made some enhancements so that when you select Make Link and text is highlighted, it will default that in the Sheet that opens. Pretty safe and simple feature. Someone (cryo?) let me know what to do. Email the code? Post it? Join the development team?
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  • cryo


  • converting the editView to handle HTML visually
  • save entries to a directory
  • detect network status and queue saved entries
  • friends updated to show friendof and mark it appropriately
  • allow checkfriends to use specific group(s) so that you only get notified when you really want to be notified (handy for people with large number of friends, and grouped appropriately).
  • Yes, group creation/deletion (It's mainly a UI fight).
  • make the pref work for iTunes2 detection... the initial check is pretty harsh (appears to be iTunes, not ljosx that causes the delay).

    Longer term:
  • drag and drop images that are uploaded and linked
  • drag and drop URLs
  • need a UI for dating an entry
  • evil hack to grab the actual userpics from LJ and store them and use a scaled version instead of named.
  • History... history... history, and functions to download all/some/one of your entries.
  • world domination.
  • require that a Dominos be built close enough to deliver, and not 2 miles outside of their delivery area.
  • Kill the cute frog before it causes more mental anguish... but it attracts women... perplexing.
  • illini
    • ebound

    New Client Rocks!

    Me like, Cryo. I only have one little nitpick. Under File, it says "Submit post". Shouldn't "post" be capitalized? Don't yell at me, it's stuff like this that poeple notice.

    I enjoy the cutomization of how you want your iTunes/Audion music displayed. Artist-Song is usually the only way I display it.

    I'll shut up now.
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