January 2nd, 2002

  • cryo

1.46 release 2

Well, I wrestled with the thought of rolling the rev and doing another release, but this really on affected those who were going to use the checkfriends feature. So I uploaded a new version under the same rev. If you are having trouble with clearing the notification of new friends posts, you can go download it again, or just click the icons twice.

To the first 200 downloaders, my apologies for not catching the slippery little buglet before it went out.
  • fonny

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does the music auto detection only work with itunes2?

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    usage: /usr/bin/osascript [-l language] [-s flags] [programfile] Executes the listed script files. -l Chooses which language component to be used to execute the scripts. -s flags (exclusive pairs c/r, h/s, e/o) c Translate all line endings

Friends View menu item broken?

I just downloaded the newest LiveJournal client for OS X, version 1.46, and I noticed something odd. All the menu items in the Web menu seem to work except the Friends View menu item. While the Friends View menu item seems to trigger the client to check my Friends page to see if there are any new posts there, it doesn't seem to actually launch the web browser to display my Friends page, nor does it trigger an open browser to load this page. The other items in the Web menu correctly launch Internet Explorer and view the appropriate page.

What's weird is, I did manage to see the Friends checking in action! The icon in the dock correctly changed to indicate that there were new postings on my friends page to view. I just had to manually go view them in IE, because (again) the menu item to do this in the client didn't properly launch IE and show that page. Strangeness.

I do like the new client's layout and features, so really I'm just nitpicking on one small detail. Everything else seems to work as-is.
  • ibrad

Permanent User support?

I don't know if this was taken into account when the latest version (1.4.6) implemented the little "paid account" button, since I am probably the only permanent account user other than the developer, but is there a way to disable this button? This release is better than ever, but that button bugs me, and it would be much smoother if it weren't displayed (assuming it doesn't display for Paid Users, I would hope). As I mentioned, not meaning to brag at all, I have a permanent account and I feel I have earned it, plus I can't afford a paid user account, so I'd appreciate a way to disable this. Also, I'm sorry if there are other posts on this, I didn't see any. Thanks in advance!
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