February 5th, 2002

  • ibrad

what happened to my post?

I made a post in this community a matter of weeks ago, I believe when it was still lj_osx (but the iJournal idea had just been announced), with a request for the drawer to return and crazy idea about the interface of the client. Not many people agreed, but now it seems to have been removed. I wasn't even told about this--it wasn't offtopic, or in any way violating the LJ TOS, so I doubt that's it.. I spent time and energy on that post, regardless of if my ideas were all the best in the world. I just want to know, did the community maintainer delete it? Or am I just drawing wrongful conclusions and there's some sort of community bug?
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  • rabow

Server Problems?

I've been using iJournal for a relatively short while, compared to some of the veterans in this community, and have not, until today, experienced problems with iJournal.

Perhaps it's simply the recent server problems at LiveJournal? What happens is that iJournal simply hangs (rainbow spin cycle ball pops up) once the application's opened - and I can't type anything at all into the window. I had previously thought that this was only a problem with the autologin, but I just had to force-quit iJournal because I was experiencing the same problem after deleting my preferences (and thus, logging in manually).

This seems to have been the only problem for me thus far. If it helps, the status bar is working while iJournal hangs - which is partly the reason I think it might be a problem at LiveJournal's end; I have a DSL connection to the internet.