April 13th, 2002

lost entries

Recently I had two problems with the MacOS X Client. I am using version 1.47 and MacOS X 10.1.3. I lost an entry when I wrote the text in an off line situation. As I logged in my entry disappeared and the subject and text box were blank. Should I have hit the Submit button before I logged in?
The other day I was logged in and wrote part of an entry, went off for a cup of coffee and when I returned the Client showed a message the the connection was lost. When I hit the OK button, the message returned and kept doing that continuously. I could no longer log in again nor could I get back to the text box. I had to do a forced quit of the Client and start up again. Luckily now I was able to retype the entry in Word and at least saved my thoughts. But the entry in the Client was lost.
Any ideas what I did wrong, or is there a bug.
BTW it would be nice to be able to use the client in offline mode.
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