April 16th, 2002

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Fix for "no port number" bug

I found that if no port number is specified in the lj server settings, login fails. Most people don't even know what a port number is, or if they do, perhaps they don't know what the default LJ port numer is. So if no value is specified, this patch uses the default value of "80".

Next on my todo list is fixing the hard-coded livejournal.com URLs used when you select the "Recent Entries" menu item. :-)

I hope this is the right place to submit patch diffs. I'll put the code after an lj cut..

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Curse it all to the deepest depths of the earth's mantle...

iJournal is six feet under for me right now. All I get when I open it up is the spinning beachball of doom, and if I wait like 10 minutes, it says my login failed. I try to login again, and spinning beachball.


Sigh, and not being a paid user, I get to deal with update.bml?mode=full, whose speed is equal to Oprah running six miles in molasses.

Stupid Webby Awards and stupid half a million LJ users and stupid me not having a credit card so I cant buy a paid account.

So, what do I do about iJournal? I'm on the newest version(whatever it is) under 10.1.3 (build 5Q110) on a iMac DV+ 450 with a 56k connection to the net via AOL (so sue me. my parents pay, i dont.)
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