May 15th, 2002

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Is there an FAQ/Troubleshooting guide?

Thanks. =)


I thought I was doing something wrong, but I installed another Mac LJ client the same way and it worked just fine (I've been trying out all the Mac clients today, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with my internet connection).

I get to the Login screen, it used to just sit there and spin the little rainbow circle. I thought it had hung and I did a Force Quit a few times. It actually finished thinking eventually and let me log in. I typed my userid and password (CAPSLOCK is off, typed slowly, etc.) and now it's giving me "Login Failed" after a good 5 minutes of trying.

Any ideas?


More failed communication

Ok.. new problem.. Started the weekend before last.. I get:
Communication Failed
Content Type: Text/plain
after I login and also about every 5 minutes and when I send an update.. So far hasn't caused crashing, but it is irritating..
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