May 23rd, 2002

  • ibrad


I just tried to edit my friends with a verison of 1.48 i had gotten maybe a couple of weeks ago, and all it does is run the little timebar at the bottom for a few seconds, and nothing. So I deleted it, got it all by CVS again, and waited for it to compile, same thing. I'll just use 1.47, no problem, but I thought I would alert you guys that something is b0rked. Sorry if you already know about this.

Oh, and I noticed that fraserspeirs' last name is misspelled in the CVS tab of the about box. :)

Okay, amendment/addendum... I just tried the 1.47 I had, and then downloaded/ran 1.47 from planetcryo, and I'm still not loading the edit friends dialog. It's not anywhere on screen, I've not seen it in weeks, and the same timebar behavior for a few seconds remains. Curious..