May 30th, 2002

Errors when logging in

I'm using iJournal 1.47 (haven't upgraded to 1.48 just yet) and noticed that when I attempt to log in at startup, I get the following error message: "Login Failed -- Client error: No mode specified." What does this error message mean? Also, iJournal 1.47 never gets around to checking that there's a new version of iJournal and notifying me. Why would it be failing to do this?

Addendum: 1.48 seems to have fixed this glitch, and I can now log in using the latest iJournal client.
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Bug with groups window, and a few other things

I just noticed a bug in the groups management window. When you click the "Add to Group" button, it does, indeed, add the selected friend to your group, but it doesn't update the "Not in Group" list. Therefore, user "X" appears both in your "In Group" list and your "Not in Group" list.
Secondly is a minor gripe regarding the friends manager status icons (green arrow, yellow arrow, blue tick). It would make more sense to me, at least, to have the green arrow indicate one-way connection from user X to you (given that it's "pointing to you", like an incoming connection) and to have the yellow arrow be a one-way connection from you to user X (given that it's "pointing away from you", like an outgoing connection). I know, it's a stupid gripe...but it makes more sense to me that way. :)
Also about the friends manager: an interesting idea that I thought of would be two buttons. One button "Show One-Way Connections" would show you, in the friends list, only the connections that were either X-you or you-X. For someone like me, at least, who has a large friends/friend-of list, it would make managing it a lot easier. The second button "Show All" would, of course, show all the friends (as the list currently does).
Speaking of friends, may I suggest that the "Friends" menuitem say, instead, "Friends/Groups..."? Two reasons: first, it opens the friends/groups window (self-explanatory), and secondly it has an ellipsis, indicating it opening a new window.
One last thing about the friends manager: it would be really cool if it automatically marked community journals with a "C" icon, instead of showing them as a normal friend.

Any thoughts, people?

By the way: I love the new version. :)
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Noticed, and a few ideas

Just downloaded 1.48, and like the user interface improvements.

I like the fact that you can select a journal and select 'edit entry', and it will go to the last post you made in whichever journal you selected. I probably missed out on this feature since 1.47 (or whenever it came out), but I finally noticed it. ^^;

However, I've been having a few problems with this: I have selected the journals of communities in which I haven't posted a thing, and when I select 'edit last entry', up pops the latest entry from that community. For instance, in denglish, where I've never posted, the entry that popped up was the last entry made by nabinea.

I wasn't able to post the modified version of the entry that I made (namely, add 'music' to the entry). Whenever I tried to submit my edited version, it came back with a 'server error', so I figure that the LJ servers are realizing that I don't have the authority to edit that entry. But still, isn't simply getting it a problem...?

I would also like to point out that it doesn't always do this, either. In the stuyvesant community, when I selected to 'edit last entry', again, the most recent post made in the community popped up, not my last post in that community. This, as opposed to when I selected 'edit last entry' in ijournal, where the last entry I made in this community popped up. I didn't try editing it.

Also, are we going to introduce the new " lj comm " tag into iJournal soon as a shortcut?

Just a few thoughts and observations. I also enjoy the smaller font size.

EDIT: Really weird things happen with this 'edit from other communities'. After the first 'Server Error' message, the menu that determines which journal you're posting to un-dims. I chose to post to my journal next, and submitted the entry to my journal. Then, it appeared in my journal: but at the time that the original post in the community was made, not at the top under 'most recent entry'.

I think I've lost the entry that I originally made, as well. I believe that posting the edited post from the community's number (the nth post made in that community, whichever it happens to be when you edit, is next to the 'delete' checkbox) must have deleted that particular nth post I made in my own journal. Why do I say this? This entry is the 'edited' version of the last post made in denglish. I can no longer find the original entry which that particular user commented in (I've searched through dates around 3/25), and the rest of the comments that were made in that entry when I posted it two months ago are also gone.

EDIT2: That entry which the 'edited' post from a community 'replaced' has definitely been erased. YaxJournal has my original 100th post. My online calendar does not. The last entry from denglish which I 'edited' and put into my journal was denglish's 100th post.

Also, these 'edited' entries that have gotten posted in my LJ seem to be automatically backdated; they don't show up on friends pages.

Something doesn't quite seem right about this picture.
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