June 7th, 2002

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i just noticed tonight that ijournal can handle japanese characters properly when importing song titles from itunes! yay! ^_^
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expansion of lj-cut

A feature that I'd really like to see in a future version of iJournal would be an expansion, using the new addition, of the "<lj-cut>" tag. As some of you may be aware, LiveJournal added the "</lj-cut>" tag recently, which allows you to do things like

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in a post, without cutting out everything (just cutting out part(s) of a post).
Thoughts, anyone?
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Notification issues?

I like to have iJournal notify me in the dock icon when my friends page changes, and I like to use the Clear Notification dock menu item to reset it, without having to bring the application to the foreground. Since I upgraded to the latest version, Clear Notification will clear the icon, but further updates won't show up. It doesn't get properly cleared unless I use iJournal to open my friends page, and I prefer not to do that. It worked fine in the last version! :)