July 17th, 2002

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  • lava

real quick like


maybe i didnt read back far enough,
i cannnnnnOT seem to get the update (1.48) to work.
it goes as far as "mounting the disk"
then tells me that the disk has unreadable volumes by os x.
and kind of just leaves a disk in a file icon on my desktop.

and dont hate me.
i dont claim to be new and different ya know.
ok you can hate me if you want.
  • alanj

Multiple usernames

On the login screen, the server and username are select lists, which would seem to imply that there's some way to save info for multiple accounts... but if so, I don't see what it is. I switch between my usernames, and each time, the select list contains only one option, which is the most recently used username.

Does this feature exist? I'd find it quite useful.

Two other minor points: 1) If you're already logged in, and select "Login As..", the login screen should give the options "Login" and "Cancel", rather than "Login" and "Quit" - the user might decide they want to stay logged in with their existing username. 2) The main tab of "About iJournal" should display the version number.

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