July 19th, 2002

Floating Head

Suggestion for future features

I'm new to this community and read back through several months of posts to see if anyone had made these suggestions before. I did not see them, but that doesn't mean they were not there, so if I am repeating something which has already been said I apologise.

There are two features that I would very much like to see added to iJournal.

1.) I have OS X installed on my computer at home where I use iJournal. At work, though, I have OS 9.1 and use a program named Phoenix PPC for posting to my journal. There are many things that I prefer about iJournal, but there is one feature in Phoenix that I greatly prefer. That is the ability to edit more than just the most recent entry. The second entry under 'File' is "View Log". Clicking on this brings up a window that lets you go to any day and see all of the entries you made on that day. From there you can open any one of them and edit it. What is especially nice is that it will show all of your entries, not just the ones that you made from Phoenix. This is hugely useful to me. Here's a screen shot of what that looks like.

Phoenix PPC Log Window

2.) The second feature that I would like to see in iJournal is the ability to add our own commands to the program (whether from the menubar or somewhere in the program window). The reason I would like to see this is that I put a lot of images in my journal. To do this I type the same code over and over and over again. I get really tired of doing this. Basically I type one of these two strings several times a day, often quite a few times in a single entry:

<div align="center"><img src="http://www.halley-peabody.com/images/ljgwynn/image_name.gif" alt="" width="" height="" border="0"></div>

<div align="center"><a href="http://www.halley-peabody.com/images/ljgwynn/image_name.gif" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.halley-peabody.com/images/ljgwynn/small_image_name_.gif" alt="" width="" height="" border="0"></a></div>

If I could just hit a button and have that bunch of code inserted it would be great.