August 5th, 2002

  • ibrad

friends view table sorting, etc

Just curious, since the “Friends” editing window has a regular table with columns for friend status (icon), username (friend), and alias (name), why can't it be sorted? I'd like to sort it by friend status, so that I could have a quick list of who in the list aren't mutual friends with me (one way or another). I thought all tables like this could be sorted, I guess not. I click on the column headers and nothing happens. I guess it would be a nice feature, in the future.

In fact I'm not real sure about the entire friends-editing interface. Collapse )

Friend statistics would also be nice. Just a little 'status bar' type approach at the top of the window, saying how many friends you have, what percentage are mutual, or you don't have on your list...

In any case, v1.49 is working great so far.. at least I think it's 1.49, I can't seem to find any reference to the version number in the “About...” box anymore..
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  • gehn

Speaking of new versions...

Can you stick the version number in the "About iJournal" box? It seems there's no way to tell what version i'm running. Granted, I usually update whenever there's a new release, but it's nice to be able to check. ^_^
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Does anyone know how to make and on an iBook? I tried all the combinations I could think of for special characters. The only useful ones I've found so far have been and the symbol for registered.
  • crs

off-by-one error in edit friends dialog

There's some serious weirdness going on with the friends' list group edit dialog. Adding and deleting users from a group seems to randomly update the "Not in Group" dialog, sometimes removing the right entry, sometimes removing the wrong entry. I'm trying to figure out what pattern it follows, but it's elusive. Not a simple off-by-one as I initially thought, at least.

But I am finding it impossible to put together the group I am trying to put together because of this issue...

Ahh, I have figured out more; it has to do with LJ communities in the list - it's trying to remove the communities from the list, and missing!