August 19th, 2002

  • alanj

Phantom "server problem" messages?

Sometimes I'll try to post and iJournal will tell me "there was a server problem, please try again later" - and will tell me this as many times as I try, no matter how long I wait - when the servers appear to be fine, and posting from a different client, or restarting iJournal and posting, works fine.

It seems to happen only when I've been away for a long time. I don't think it was happening before I enabled the "check friends" option; I'm disabling it now just to make sure it's a relevant factor. My hardware is a DVI TiBook. The only aspect of my usage which I know to be unusal is that I frequently switch accounts using "Login As". I am running 1.49.

Is this a known problem. Are other users experiencing the same thing? Is there a fix or workaround?