September 18th, 2002

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  • upsilon


A few days ago I was using iJournal to update my journal, and for some reason (I was quite tired at the time), I thought that shift-command-L was the key-combo to make a link. Suddenly the login dialog popped up, and I discovered there is no way out of that situation. You have two choices: "Login" or "Quit". "Quit" does the obvious. "Login" performs a re-login and clears the window. Either way, that long entry you've been working on is gone gone gone.

So, just a minor suggestion: Add a "cancel" button to that dialog? Or don't clear the window after a login, perhaps. Actually, a combination of the two might work nicely; if you are not logged in at all (perhaps using iJournal offline), the "Submit" button in the lower right of the main window reads "Log In". The user logs in, the main text box is not cleared, they submit, quit, and get offline.

OK, this idea needs a little work. For instance, without the initial login, the three pulldowns on the main window can't get populated. I don't know enough of how the whole system works to suggest a solution for that. Hmmmmm... Here's one thought: In offline mode, turn them into combo boxes (like the "Mood" menu), and the user types in the Security level, pic-name, and journal name, and on log-in is prompted in the event of an error?

Just some thoughts. Love iJournal otherwise, hope to see it keep getting better!

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Floating Head

Feature suggestion

I'd like it if there were a setting to the 'Make Link > Link to User' that would either (a) output the tag with the username replaced by the "full" name that they have set in their journal profile, or (b) let you type in the name that you wanted to have appear as the link to their journal.
  • alanj

Friends dialog: Incorrect behavior when deleting friendofs

In the friends dialog, I can select a friendof who is not a friend (yellow left arrow), click "Delete Friend", and iJournal tells me "Successfully Deleted". This is incorrect, since you cannot delete friendofs. The "Delete Friend" button should be grayed out if no user is selected or if the selected user is not a friend.

In the friends dialog, if I select a friend who is also a friendof and click "Delete Friend", iJournal will tell me "Successfully Deleted" and then remove that user from the list. This is incorrect - the user is still a friendof, and should remain on the list with a yellow left arrow.

New users often want to be able to delete friendofs for users they don't know or don't like, so giving them the impression that it's possible but isn't working for some reason has the potential to cause confusion.