January 20th, 2003

Minor glitch

This is relatively minor... I'm using iJournal, version 1.49 (from the CVS build that initially fixed the incompatibility with iTunes 3, a while back). I noticed that sometimes, when I log into my LiveJournal user account in iJournal, the title bar will read "iJournal * 133 * www.livejournal.com" when normally it reads "iJournal * Robert Poole * www.livejournal.com"

I don't know if this has been fixed or not, but it's mildly weird behavior.
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I know you're all waiting... I'm doing a few last minute fixes before I do the release. Should be today though... shortly. Look! Audion support! (thanks shatterstripes).

This is... umm, radically different from the previous release, and isn't quite polished, but works and has the fixes from the recent issues.
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1.50 is released.

You can pick it up in the normal places shortly, or at my place.

1.50 -New UI
Version number now appears on main about screen as well as login screen (lordandrei)
Server and User combo boxes cleaned (geoffspear)
Code Cleanup(koliver,lordandrei)
UI Overhaul + toolbar (fraser)
Customize Toolbar, formatting toolbar items (lordandrei)
Smart Quotes (koliver)
SysPref Proxies (fraser)
HTML preview (koliver)
HTML preview toolbar item (fraser)
Configurable UTF8 (koliver)
Webpages can open in background (koliver)
Larger info sheet (cryo)
Info Sheet nib (lordandrei)
New optimized/factored out networking code (lordandrei)
Fixed bugs on Edit Last Entry (cryo)
Added Audion support (peganthyrus)
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Tool Bar

I've been using iJournal 1.50 tonight, and I've just noticed something on the Tool Bar that seems a little backwards, the function of the view button.

When I'm in HTML View the tool bar says, "HTML View." When I'm in Text View the tool bar says, "Text View." I think that a mode change button like that should indicate the view to which you to change, not the view you're currently displaying.

For instance, if I'm in HTML View, the tool bar item should say, "Text View." This would indicate that if I want to enter the Text View, I should press the button. That way it is an "verb" and is consistent with the "Link to URL" and "Link to User" buttons that are also on the tool bar - in other words, they perform an action, they don't indicate a mode.

Does this make sense? I'm not sure I'm expressing myself very well.
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