January 21st, 2003

  • athagon

bugs to report

I just downloaded the new version of iJournal, and am using it now. So far, I've encountered the following bugs:

1. If no music is playing, but auto-detect is turned on, the status bar reads "Getting music..." forever.
2. In the "Link to User" and "Link to Community" sheets, automatic fill-in seems to be disabled. Is there a way to re-enable it, or is this a bug? I loved that feature.
3. I have the window set to the default (original?) width, meaning that the last three toolbar buttons are hidden behind the "double-arrow." I have noticed that, although the HTML/edit view functions as it should, its name never changes from "HTML view."
4. The "entry has been submitted" sheet height appears to be far too large.

I'll submit more bugs as I find them.
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Annoying bug. And it's real this time.

There's a little problem with the LJ-cut command. I used the key-command to bring it up, and think I accidentally hit Command-K-L, but the sheet popped out, no problem. I typed in a text, and hit 'OK' The tags were inserted, but the sheet didn't go away. 'Cancel' didn't work; neither did 'OK' both with text and without. (It did insert more tags, however.) If this is a known issue, sorry.

EDIT: Submitting the entry via the menu command worked, but the cut menu is still there. If anyone else has this problem, submit via the menu command and edit it later.
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The toolbar looks great as icon-only, so I can cram options on. Any chance that, for people like me, the "submit" and "HTML view" options will be given different icons?
Green Babel

Thanks and a question....

Hi all!

First, I'd like to thank the developers for the great job they'd done with this application. I just love it.

I'd also like to specifically thank whomever was responsible for changing the "Submit Entry" key command from the Command-S that it had been. You rock!

That being said... are there any plans to include a save feature on this application? Please?
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  • cryo

bug reports

It's pretty impossible to keep track of the posts in here with bugs and requests for features.

However, we have a place where you can file bugs for us to look at and fix here. Please submit them there with as complete of a description as possible so we can address them (as well as keep the duplicates down). That doesn't mean you shouldn't mention them here... just make sure you file a report as well please ;).

Also, please keep in mind that iJournal is still under development, and isn't feature complete. 1.50 represents a release that wasn't ready to be pushed out the door, but had to be cobbled together in order to deal with the recent issues with the last version. This means the icons aren't the final ones, nor do all things quite work the way they used to, and there's always the possibility of introducing new bugs. We always welcome help on the project, and with the complete GUI and code rototill, it's starting to look pretty nice. The source code is available, and patches can be sent to me, as well as icons, help files and documentation (which we need badly). We appreciate all of the help and support :).
  • athagon

a couple more things

First off, I've noticed an interface glitch that appears at the bottom of the iJournal window, when editing a post:
Collapse )

Secondly, until it was mentioned in my previous post here, I had no idea what Quiet Mode did (admittedly, I had never bothered to see if there was a tooltip for it). Maybe it could be better named, something like "Suppress Dialogs When Possible"?
Also, I'd love it if there were a sub-option of quiet mode -- i.e., an option that only becomes available when quiet mode is turned on -- which would allow the contents of the dialog boxes to be reported in the status bar. That would be perfect. No status sheets, but results still reported. (Perhaps "Show Server Messages In Status Bar"?) :)

Lastly, may I just add that this version of iJournal rocks. Thank you, guys. :)