April 9th, 2003


I just downloaded the new version of iJournal. Here are my thoughts so far:

- The "No Email" checkbox has the same tooltip as the "No Comments" checkbox.

- The "Preformatted" checkbox's tooltip has a period at the end (I know, no biggie, I just noticed that it was inconsistent. :)

- I don't understand why the new minimum size is so large. I prefer to have my copy of iJournal run with a narrower window than the default, and minimum, size.

Other than that, everything looks fine.
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Buran Patch
  • buran

Size of toolbar drop-down menus

I like my toolbar drop-down menus to be small. They're currently using the full-size UI font. They used to be small. Is there a way I can change them back? "Use small icons" isn't doing the trick this time around.

Also... I asked this a while back, but no reply as yet. I want to contribute the new toolbar icons. What format is needed, and how should I submit once the set is ready?
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