April 16th, 2003

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Something weird happened to me tonight... I fired up iJournal 1.51 on my G4 Cube, and it forgot who I was. The field for user name was empty, and the drop down list to select user name was empty as well. When I entered my information and logged in, my preferences were gone. Even the window sizing was back to “default,” so one of the toolbar icons wouldn’t show at the far end until I resized the window.

Very strange, since I’ve run this version of iJournal on my Cube before.

Also of note: Smart quotes support appears to have an unintended side-effect in iJournal. If you have “Check spelling as you type” selected, typing contractions such as “wouldn’t” triggers the word to be flagged as misspelled because smart quotes replace the normal apostrophe character with a fancy single quote character. (I cut and pasted into Text Edit from iJournal, then typed the same word in Text Edit directly, to compare. I had to turn up the font magnification a few times to notice the difference in character styles, but it is there. The normal apostrophe/single quote character is a single vertical tick. Does the smart quotes code take English contractions into account?)
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