July 31st, 2003

it's probably just me...

BUT... i used to have an older version of ijournal and everything was peachy keen. then i upgraded to 1.52 and it logs in just fine and it posts and everything. my only problem is when i try to post to other communities i'm a part of, pick a different security level, or i want to choose a different icon... i try to use the drop-down menus but as soon as i click and then check it - it goes back to the original setting it was on in the first place. it seems to only want to post in my personal journal with the public setting and default user pic.

am i doing something wrong? or is it just cuz my parents are cheap bastards and they won't give me the money to upgrade my os system and i'm left stuck with mac osx 10.1.5?
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ijournal uses livejournal usernames right? my friend told me he was updating his ijournal, so that means he has a livejournal? and hes just updating through a program made for macs? im confused