November 20th, 2003


iJournal 1.53 Release Candidate (updated)

Since cryo hasn't got around to making an official release but the code seems to be ready to release, I figured I would post this, a release candidate.

Check it out:
iJournal 1.53 Release Candidate 2

What's new:
-passwords are now stored in the Keychain
-posts are now saved whenever you post, re-login, quit, or every one minute (if you set that option) and restored when you login
-new backdate feature
-bug fixes which should stop the crash during posting that many users were experiencing
-other under-the-hood bug fixes which clean up a few issues that could arise

Hopefully cryo will post the official release on his site, soon.

-noticed a last minute bug which caused the friend names to not complete on their own. I replaced the version at the above link with Release Candidate 2 which contains a fix.

Tell me what you think,
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