November 22nd, 2003


Features... less wide?

I’ve downloaded and am running the latest release candidate, it seems reliable here..

I’ve always jumped between the 3 main clients (pheonix, ijournal, xjournal) when they got updates and have different features.. ijournal has been the best on paper for a long time, but it used to crash so much for me that i didn’t use it.. now it seems stable though, there are a couple of things that if they were ironed out it’d be pretty much perfect..

I dont know if you like feature requests in here, but.. firstly.. The window’s forced horizonal width - I like to be able to resize my windows, and only really want a small text entry field most of the time.. The wide window is really off-putting to me.. :/ (i know it’s just a minor cosmetic thing, but still) - The other minor cosmetic thing.. The button icon graphics.. But that’s an obvious one and I’m sure that’ll get done eventually..

None of the other clients seem to reliably keep the entry when something goes wrong - which is important to me.. I hate typing a massive entry only to have it crash and burn, and manually saving as i go along isn’t a good solution.. So, yeah.. keep up the good work. :)
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