January 18th, 2004

seeing, eye

New toolbar icons + question

I sent you some updated toolbar icons (actually first through sourceforge, then following instructions in the readme). Could you post some feedback? Is anyone else working on this, I don't want to be doing something someone else is doing only to realize it's not really needed.
For the bold, italic, underline buttons, which font was used originally? I was just thinking it would make sense to use LucidaGrande, since that's the system default font, so it would look like the rest of the system.
Also, is there any particular reason why you're not fully using sourceforge.net's resources? Just curious, are they hard to use or something else?
Lastly, what programs would be used for the making of program icons, including app icons, toolbar icons, etc. I'm currently using the GIMP, but that really only works for modifying existing images, not creating new ones.
Thanks for your help!