February 6th, 2004

richmond pretty hat

anyone else have this problem?

i updated to iJournal 1.54 at the beginning of this week and I've had a few minor problems..

On start up it automatically gives me the last post I made in the subject/text fields
If i just highlight and delete it loses that post and replaces it with my new one.
So instead to I have to close, click close without saving and then re-open.. .. minor but annoying

I've lost some posts from this before I realised thats what was happening, luckily they were only minor babbling crap ones though, so it doesn't matter too much, but still..

also when i first installed it it wasn't showing the little red dot thing when friends had updated, even though i had the option to show on dock when friends updated on.
so i exit program a few times and and restarted it, but then when it did show new friends post, the red dot just didn't go away *heh*
I thought maybe my friends where just posting constantly perhaps, but when i exit the program it was still showing the red dot (I have iJournal kept in dock.) it took a few time to exit and restart the program to make it go away.

that glitch hasn't happened again, but just wondering if anyone else has had that happen?

I'm running jaguar on eMac, perhaps it's just my machine :P