March 3rd, 2004

I put this on a lj support ticket...

there's a glitch in the matrix, I believe.

my total number of entries was at 999 -- i posted the big shebang 1,000th entry... and my userinfo still said 999. i added a new entry and deleted it and my userinfo said 998. i added a new entry and deleted it and my userinfo said 997.

But I had been using the iJournal client when testing this. I just tried doing it through the web interface: added a new entry, post count went up to 998, deleted it, post count was restored at 1,000.

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feature request: mood icon w/custom mood

Apologies if this is already in iJournal, but I haven't been able to find a way to do it.

In the Web client, you can set your mood to one of the defaults from the popup menu, and then type a custom label into the Other box. This has the effect of assigning the mood icon from the mood you selected from the menu, while displaying the text you chose to type in.

For example, you could choose "happy" from the menu, and then type "incredibly fantastic super wow" into the box, and your entry would appear with the "happy" mood icon alongside your custom text. In iJournal, the custom text simply appears without any icon.

It'd be nice to have this functionality in iJournal, as well.
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