April 14th, 2004


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I was having a problem with ijournal and updating didn't solve the problem, I think it's working now... but we'll see if this posts...

the problem was that the main text feild would not bring up the cursor, so I couldn't enter anything in that feild. obvoiusly, I can now though.

I think I fixed the problem by deleting all the "ijournal" files other then the main application on my computer. so, if this has happened to you, give it a try.
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feature creep

I was looking at the feature list for a blogging tool that one of the people on bOingbOing was raving about. Nothing too much that's not already in the existing Mac LJ clients aside from syntax coloring.

Two feature ideas that popped up from this, though, that I'm tossing to the developers of both LJ clients I use:
  • Use the CSS from your journal, for some idea of what the entry will look like in your recent view.

  • User-extensible HTML markup toolbar buttons. What if, for some reason, I find myself starting to use <cite> often? Or <span style="text-decoration:blink">? It'd be lovely to be able to create a button for that and throw it into the toolbar.

  • HTML syntax coloring would be nice. Very nice.

I suspect that none of these are easy additions, but nothing interesting ever is, is it?
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I have quick question. How do I edit earlier entries. I know how to edit the last entry I posted but, how would I edit an entry that I wrote before the last entry I posted. I hope that makes sense.
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