May 15th, 2004


Thanks, everyone

Well, thank you very much to everyone who replied to my last post. Since there is still an interest in the project, I will be sure to keep working on it.

What is currently lacking is support for friend group manipulation but most of the rest of it is working. Here is a binary and the source for the most current DEVEL_1 work:

This actually offers a feature which isn't present in the normal version: asynchronous login. This means that you can start typing a post while the client is logging in and downloading the information about your friends, groups, and journals. The problem is that this feature isn't robust yet so you may only get a partial login or a complete login failure. If that happens, though, you can try to login again and it should save your post until you are able to successfully post it (whether you quit or just try to login again).

Tell me what you think.

Thanks again,
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