August 26th, 2004

  • cryo

iJournal 2.0 development started

Now that my move is complete, and I'm recovering from my physical demonstration of Newton's Second Law, I've begun the design and feature layout of iJ2. All development on the 1.x branch has stalled, and I think there's a moral issue with the split that occurred within the project. Quite a few of the goals that were set for the 1.x branch were reached, and coding around the initial design flaws made things more complicated than they had to be. While the CVS repository is available on allowing anyone to make changes and have them committed by those who have source tree access, development has been at a virtual standstill for months. My own view is that the code is complicated enough that newbies don't really have a way to jump in and just start coding. Abstracting the code out to APIs didn't really happen the way it should have, and there's lots of duplicated code that should be eliminated. I've thought long and hard about this, and looked at what time people have had to commit to the project, as well as my own personal time. Life gets in the way, and even great projects get moldy and stagnant. I've decided that I will commit my resources to the new branch and continue to do release engineering on the old branch should code get committed.

Bugs and feature requests can be dropped at (it's not as complicated as it looks).

For you loyal iJournal users and fans, thank you. I listen to your requests, complaints, and request for changes, and do my best to implement them within the realm they need to be in.

Those who are curious of what this radical change will look like, as well as all of the features it will have in it, will have to wait until the code is at a functioning state. I don't like to announce vaporware, or get hopes up high and then make people wait.

However, what I will say is that as dramatic as iJournal was in the beginning (and even now) compared to other blogging clients, iJ2 will prove to be worth the wait.