November 10th, 2004

ijournal major hangups (literally)

I’m having a pretty serious problem with iJournal, and I was wondering if anyone else ever experienced this problem?

I’ll start by saying that iJournal is an awesome program.. only thing I might ask for is a “read group” feature in the context menu of the dock icon so you can read friend groups that you set up..

but anyway. this is a weird problem coz i’ve been watching this comm and it seems no one has the same problem, coz for me it happens often enough to make iJournal usable only like 10% of the time..

It seems that half the time I write a journal entry and then click on Submit.. it has the busycursor thing to the right of the subject line, and at the bottom says Submitting entry or whatever..

and then this seems to go on forever, even for days.. like if I go away and come back it still says its tryin to send the entry..

This seems weird, since no one else has this prob..


Powermac dual G5 1.8ghz
Mac OS X 10.3.2+ (it has done it on all the software updates so far)

and i’m not using any trickery like GUI hacks or anything that could cause a problem.
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