August 26th, 2005

(me) tired

Feature Suggestion

Having moved from a PC and Semagic, I've been looking for a viable replacement and I have been testing Phoenix, iJournal, and xJournal. So far I'm leaning toward iJournal, but one thing Semagic and Phoenix do that I find myself missing is the ability to insert a link to a user and include an alternate name for the person. For example, instead of just putting <LJ user="peloquin3">, which yields: peloquin3, you have the option of using a couple of fill in boxes that generate fthe following code: <a href=""><img height="17" alt="peloquin3" border="0"src="" align="absmiddle" width="17"></a><b><a href="">kacey</a></b>, which instead yields: peloquin3kacey.

I realize its pretty minimal, but I often like to refer to my friends by their real names, even when I still want to link to their journals, and that's just a lot of typing when your client doesn't generate the code for you. I don't know if suggestions are openly welcome here, but I thought I'd at least say that it looks like a good client, I just miss this one feature (so far).
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