May 29th, 2007

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Hi, I'm thinking of jumping ship from xJournal as the developer has abandoned it and I can't find source code/don't yet have the programming skills to update it myself.
There's one quirk of iJournal that is bugging me though.
When you load the program it fetched userpics off the server. The program is unresponsive until that's done. Is there a way to cache the userpics to the harddrive. Fetching userpics means there is a good 30-60 second wait after loading the program (over a hundred userpics) and means I can't use iJournal "offline"(as iJournal is unresponsive until it has fetched the pics) to compose a post to post later.
So can it either a) cache the userpics and just check for changes on login. or b) just fetch a list of pics and download the image when selected?
Other than that, the program looks great and having in several the features that xJournal didn't have.