April 12th, 2009


Influx of New Users

Hi there,

I just started downloading and using iJournal today, and I've been really impressed by the program's versatility and interface design. I've been using XJournal for the last year or so and it's met my needs, but with the closed-beta launch of the new Dreamwidth.org journal service, I had to find another client that would allow me to crosspost between DreamWidth and LiveJournal. Many other Mac users are probably going to be in the same boat, and the Dreamwidth service (which is based on the LiveJournal sourcecode) looks like it's shaping up to be fairly popular for many LJ users.

I'm posting here to inquire if you'd be interested in updating the iJournal sourcecode and improving some of the features for the many new users who are going to be scouting around for a new Mac posting client. There are some tech-savvy folks on DW who would probably be interested in this project, and they can probably provide some support if you're willing to work on a new version. I'm also fairly sure that people would be willing to donate a few clamshells if it'd help build upon the great features iJournal already offers.

Anyway, let me know if this sounds like a possibility. If not, thanks for giving us such a good option to begin with, and for working so hard in the past to put together iJournal.