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quick update

I'm still working on friend groups, but having a little trouble with NSTableViews not playing nicely together, so it's been taking longer than I planned. I'm also adding a little thing that will let you know that your friends page changed. I've noted that some people are actually using the little menu option to check for new version - GREAT! I haven't received any feedback from the current version, so if you get a spare moment, let me know how it's working for you, or any suggestions you have for it.


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Apr. 22nd, 2001 07:01 pm (UTC)
Clients working great so far! (As it always has, with the exception of the quickly fixed Proxy thing)
I'm a little confused as to why you chose to replace the Options button with just a little Aqua widget. I think having "Options" is much more intuitive. I know it really would only save some people like 2 seconds once in their entire use.. but I just didn't understand there..

I'm not seeing any menu option to check for a new version, where is it?

Noticed that only my Default image is available to pick instead of all 5.. is this not implemented yet?

Further down the Road, you might consider adding some Apple script support, Then we could do stuff like Automated music from iTunes and such.

Those are my crazy ideas. Let me know if you need clarification.
Apr. 22nd, 2001 10:27 pm (UTC)
I'm actually hunting for an icon to put in the button, but haven't found 'the right one' yet.

I'm confused by the picture thing, as well as you not having a menu item under Help to check version. Can you check the About and get the version/revision pairs and look on PlanetCryo. If you're using the current version and having these problems, I'll once again need to do a debug version for you to be a guinea pig.
Apr. 23rd, 2001 01:00 pm (UTC)
V .9/ Revision 1.36 I downloaded it yesterday, so I'm assuming it's up to date. Throw me the Debug, or point me in the direction when you get it up. -Aaron
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