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A couple notes on the new version

First off, it's nice that the iJournal app now uses those nifty slide-out panes more extensively, rather than free-floating dialogs.

iJournal doesn't see to remember settings from older versions of the LiveJournal client. Not a major issue, really.

There are little things... For some reason, where I'm at now (on a client's network), there is a problem accessing the PlanetCryo server which yields the same error dialog that was plaguing other users whenever the version checking code kicked in. Hmm...

The "About" box no longer gives the version number -- didn't it do that once?

When the error dialog comes up after unsuccessfully checking the version, the app becomes responsive and usable, but the progress thermometer in the lower-left of the window continues doing the barber-pole until you submit a posting to one of your journals. Then it resets to its normal (inactive) state.

OK, now for a couple suggestions:
  • It would be nice if iJournal automatically does intelligent escaping of special characters (e.g., quotation marks outside of an HTML or LiveJournal tag should be escaped).
  • Similarly, it would be nice if iJournal allowed you to enter non-breaking spaces in a WYSIWYG manner, and sent them as   when the posting is submitted. Microsoft Word on the Mac uses something like control-shift-space to enter non-breaking spaces. Presumably, there could also be an entry in the Edit menu for inserting special characters, such as copyright symbols (©) and trademark symbols (™).
  • Another MacOS X LiveJournal client does something very clever -- it downloads and displays not only the names of your icons in a combo box, but also displays a reduced version of each icon next to its name, so that the user doesn't have to memorize which icon goes with what keyword. I think this convenience is worth the tiny amount of additional screen real-estate necessary to display.

Don't get me wrong, this is a nice incremental release. I'm just throwing these suggestions out there in the hopes that someone might act on them.
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