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editing entries posted in the wrong journal, deleting entries

Today I was making a post for the nebraskans community, and after finishing it, I accidentally "submitted" it to my normal journal. That's okay, I thought, I'll just pull it up and edit the "Journal" menu contents to reflect the nebraskans community. So I go to File -> Edit Last Entry, and the entry comes up. I change the contents of the "Journal" menu, and submit it, but it snaps back at me with a "Posting Failed. Server error. Try again shortly.", each and every time I try to do so! I then quit the client and reopened it, and the same happened again. I finally gave up and edited it via the web interface, and I noticed there was no way to edit what journal I posted the entry in! I had to cut the contents of the entry and delete the subject line, and then submit it (in order to delete it), and then recreate the entry, making sure that time to it to the correct journal.

That's not right.. is it? Is there a way to edit what journal something is posted in? If so, why is the "Journal" menu useless when trying to edit that? What's with the error I was getting?

Argh, and I did it again with this entry.. Now I find it won't even DELETE entries in my journal, either?! Is it me, or are there a few thinks broken with editing in this release?

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