Extraneous Esveldt (extraneous) wrote in ijournal,
Extraneous Esveldt

Bug: Line Endings

I've encountered problems with line endings in text pasted into iJournal before a post. Since the underlying protocol is HTTP-based, all lines should end in \r\n. However, \r text pasted into a NSTextView looks just like \r\n text. So, if I were to copy from my web browser, paste to iJournal, do some typing and then post, I would be submitting something with mixed line endings. This leads to automatic formatting issues and if I then edit a post, single \r's have been stripped leaving one block of text. Ick.

The solution (I think) would be to process all text before submitting it, converting all line endings to \r\n.

In general, iJournal really kicks some ass. Thanks,

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