Spike (spike) wrote in ijournal,

Friend group(s) for checkfriends

I love the checkfriends feature and the auto-open-friends features. I have two ideas for improvement that I wanted to share.

First the big one: I have a fairly large number of 'friends', but there's really only a much smaller group of friends who's journals I check frequently. I have them set up as a friend group, and I have a browser bookmark set for "http://www.livejournal.com/users/spike/friends/{closefriendsgroupname}" I believe that the checkfriends mode supports a mask field that lets you check for changes in a specific friends group. I would really love to be able to specify even just one friends group that I wanted to check for activity, instead of all of my friends.

Second, if the UI allows the user to specify a friend group to check for activity, the auto-open-friends function should drive the browser to the corresponding URL for the Web page for that friend group (as shown in the URL example above). That way, the user could watch just a select group of friends, and when their journals were updated, they could link directly to their corresponding friend group page for that group.

-Spike, who likes having loads of LJ friends, but really likes friend groups, too!

PS. An extra beer to whomever first lets me turn off the jumpy little "barber pole" status indicator that runs every time iJournal does a checkfriends every few moments... it's more distracting than informative (to me, 99.9% of the time).

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