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default colors; previously mentioned problems

1) since i'm very particular about the color of my friends page, i always add friends using a certain color scheme: orange-ish background, white foreground. i know ijournal lets you keep the color setting while you've got ijournal open, but would it be possible to let us simply change the default colors (from background white foreground black) in the future? if there's a way to do this and i missed it, feel free to smack me.

and just to echo a few of the comments below:

2) lysana's friends group problem happens with me also. i too can't pin down a consistent causes. i think it's just random! specifically, some friends end up in both the "in group" list and "not in group" list, and one of my recently added friends did not show up in either list.

3) didn't see a reply to smileydee's post so i thought i'd mention it again ... sometimes the confirmation dialogue tells you that the post has been deleted instead of successfully posted, when it actually is successfully posted.

that's it :)


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